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BellaBagu Collection

The Jewellery Roll

The Jewellery Roll

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Introducing the BellaBagu jewellery roll!

This lovely roll is perfect to take your favourite BellaBagu pieces with you anywhere. Designed with plenty of storage but compact enough to pop in your handbag. This just might be the best way to travel with your sterling silver pieces that is fashionable, practical and environmentally friendly.

Made of high quality microfibre (inside and out) the roll is easy to fold, will keep its shape, and will keep your favourite pieces protected.

Microfibre is soft, light, resilient, breathable, wrinkle resistant, scratch resistant, and while close to the texture of genuine leather, is a better choice for the environment. 

Item dimensions when unfolded:
Length – 13.4" (34 cm)
Width – 6.7" (17 cm)


Three snaps across the top to hang multiple necklaces or bracelets - pieces will be extra protected if you allow them to hang behind the earring and ring section, and drape into the pouch below - see photos for reference. 

Snap off earring section. You can easily remove the piece to put your favourite stud earrings, and your French back ear hooks will also work - see photos for reference. 

Snap off ring section. Unbutton this section and easily slip your favourite rings on for ease of travel. You can also use this area for necklaces or bracelets. Slip them on, snap the button back on, and let the excess jewellery fall naturally into the open pouch below. 

Double snap large pouch at the bottom of the roll. We love this section! You can put multiple pieces in this area. We recommend first putting your pieces into small ziplock bags (you know the ones we give you!) and then you can easily store multiple pieces safely in this compartment. 

Embossed with BellaBagu Collection logo. Jewellery not included. 

Packing tip!

Pack your jewellery in "stacks" as you might wear them. Hang your necklace or bracelet stacks together on one loop, snap in place, and when you get to your destination, your jewellery looks will be ready for you! It's an easy way to create looks, and ensure you have all the pieces with you that you want. 

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