How do I care for sterling silver? How do I care for my pieces?

We're so glad you asked!

Sterling tarnishes naturally and requires occasional cleaning. Proper storage, care and cleaning of your silver will ensure your pieces last. Check out the jewellery care advice for more great information and an all natural homemade technique for cleaning your sterling silver. Please see more information and care tips on our Jewellery Care page. 

BellaBagu is made with sterling silver, a semi precious metal. It's easy to take good care of your pieces, and they will last a lifetime if you treat them properly.

Sterling silver jewellery should be removed while in water of any kind, working out, and sleeping. Your pieces should be stored correctly. 

How should I store my pieces when I am not wearing them?

We like how you're thinking!

Sterling silver jewellery should not be left out to the air long term. Proper storage of jewellery is recommended. Keep pieces in sealed plastic bags or jewellery boxes to slow the tarnishing process. To help prevent scratches, tangling and other damage, store pieces separately.

Do you offer gift packaging?

We love that you're gifting our pieces! Your order will automatically include a pouch for gifting. Your jewellery will be in plastic - and we recommend keeping those little bags to store your pieces.

Our gift boxes can be purchased as an add-on to your order.

Are you in any retail shops?

After many years, we have decided the thing that works best for us, is keeping it small and online, and sometimes you will find us at a market or special event!

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Do you offer free shipping?

We offer FREE shipping to Canada on all orders over $200 after discounts and promo codes. All orders will always be sent with tracking and insurance. We just don't think it makes sense to send precious jewellery any other way!

Do you offer returns?

BellaBagu does not offer any returns or exchanges, so please take the time to decide on the best piece, and size for you before purchasing. Be sure to read all of our product descriptions fully.  

What's the best way to keep my BellaBagu piece from tangling, or tarnishing?

Please handle your piece with care as each piece is handmade. Sterling silver is a precious metal, and by nature soft. Delicate chain and findings can tarnish or tangle if mistreated. Chemicals in soaps, perfumes and lotions can be hard on jewellery and will speed up the aging process, and cause damage. Please do not wear your jewellery in water, to work out or to sleep.

Here are a few tips on how to show your BellaBagu jewellery some love:

1. Remove rings and bracelets when washing your hands, doing the dishes or using lotions. 

2. Avoid showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping in your jewellery.

3. When you're not wearing your jewellery, keep them in a jewellery box or jewellery bag to keep them from tangling with other pieces or collecting dust.